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Lindsay Seaman Monday March 14, 2016
I bought my first piece from gooseberry a few weeks ago. I am so excited to get it as I've heard amazing things about this company. The website is really easy to navigate and the craftsmanship of the items is amazing!
From: Clifton Forge, Virginia
Melissa Monday March 14, 2016
The beautiful designs and craftsmanship keep me coming back for more! We have owned many items - from Custom Designs to Custom Sizes, Mandy & the team always make sure everything is perfect for your Goosie!!! You won't be disappointed!
From: Ohio
ALLISON Hicks Monday March 14, 2016
We have been with GBL now for almost 3 yrs. We have several pieces. Each one has its own unique characteristics. They are all pieced together with so much care, detail & love. All the fabrics are always such great quality that can withstand years of wear, tear & wash. We look forward to our lo growing up in them all as they are very accommodating styles to grow with her. After which we will be passing them onto the next deserving sweetie. I can never say enough good about this company. Always blow my mind with speedy shipping, wonderful customer service. They keep the page fun & the auctions are the best ever!! I hope to watch GBL continue to grow & prosper in the upcoming years! ♡
From: Michigan
melanie A Monday March 14, 2016
We love are gbl dress, it is so beautiful and well made. It fit perfectly and we always get a ton of compliments on it. I also love that noone has one just like it. Beautiful...also they website is easy to use and Mandy is amazing.
From: va
Brittani Neely Sunday March 13, 2016
I have bought 2 pieces now, and I am sure many more too come. The workmanship is amazing, you can tell so much love goes into it. Mandy is so sweet and caring, you can tell she really enjoys what she does, and that's so important in this business. I love everything about this company!!
From: Pensacola, Fl
Nichole Utinske Sunday March 13, 2016
I have many GBL dresses , my daughter and myself absolutely love them ! Definitely one of a kind and we love how she can go from using them as a dress too a top !
From: Springfield, IL
Krista Nelson Sunday March 13, 2016
We have purchased multiple dresses and pant outfits. Each one was unique and fit perfectly. I love the color and fabric combinations that Mandy uses. They are bright and fun patterns that girls and their mothers both love. I always look for something unique for my daughter to wear on our Disney trips, and the character collection by far has the best selection. Plus, they will customize outfits for you as well!
From: Indiana
Angela Ryder Sunday March 13, 2016
These dresses are incredible. I love that she interacts with her customers and takes their input on design ideas. We purchased the cowgirl dress with the boots for our daughters 2nd birthday and received many compliments. Hoping to get another dress soon, it's just so hard to choose.
From: Cottage Grove, MN
Bethany Burke Sunday March 13, 2016
The outfits we have received are outstanding! Our latest purchase was the Arizona Sunrise short set and it is gorgeous! My little loves it and it is perfect for summer! Will definitely be getting more shorts in the future! 😊
From: New Mexico
Monika Racakova Sunday March 13, 2016
I have admired GBL for years now and only until my mother in law asked what my lo "needed" did I decide that we would finally add GBL to our closet. Now I'm on my 4th piece within 3 months and I have found myself addicted to everything new the ladies offer. I would buy everything if I could bc I know there quality and craftsmanship is devine. My last order was a custom mlp w/ 3 pieces. We typically have to buy 2 different sizes (if that's even an option) for top and bottom, but with custom option, you can have it made exactly how you need it and it is the best fit ever! I will definitely be ordering again as soon as I make my decision.
From: Central Kentucky
Kristina Sabatini Sunday March 13, 2016
I usually ask Mandy to create something for my princess for big events, and each time I am stunned by what she comes up with! I just had my Goosie's 5 year old bash and requested a specific princess and Mandy delivered ! My baby girl was so beautiful on her birthday! Thank you'n
From: North Carolina
Amber Sunday March 13, 2016
We love our Gooseberry! Mandy has created so many dresses for my little princess. She's made many birthdays and holidays special with her beautiful creations. She's so helpful and goes above and beyond to make your experience just right.
From: Georgia
Brooke Watson Sunday March 13, 2016
We just received our first of three orders and it's perfect!! Fit is great, i love how soft and flexible the waist is! Dd was very comfy.
From: Olathe, KS
Samantha Jameson Sunday March 13, 2016
I have purchased at least 25 dresses from Gooseberry Lane.. I absolutely LOVE every dress!! The craftsmanship is amazing!! They want you to be happy and if you have any issues at all you get an answer in minutes not weeks!! I would highly recommend them to anyone - heck I do highly reccomend them to everyone!!
From: Humble TX
Trisha Lehnert Sunday March 13, 2016
I have ordered a few times from GBL. I will have to say they are the absolute cutest dresses in the WORLD!! I receive so many compliments from people when she has worn them. My absolute favorite was her Nightmare before Christmas dress. We LOVE Nightmare in this house and have never been able to find anything for little girls. I was ecstatic when I seen it come up!!! So we dressed her up as Sally for this past halloween. Many many compliments!! Your dresses are such great quality!!! I will forever be a GBL customer! Thanks for making my little lady one adorably dressed girl.
From: Rockdale, IL
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